Heart to be broken

What else is there left to say?
I sit anticipating as I claw at my skin,
The constant waiting
What will be of us?
I know he’s dangerous but I can’t stop
Stay far from him, I warn myself
But I always fall back into his grip
He doesn’t even need to call me
I come falling, falling
His love is a knife waiting to stab itself into my heart
And I know of the pain to be
Yet I can’t tear myself apart


The past conversations flicker in my drowsy brain as my eyelids gently begin to fall and I’m surrounded by darkness. The slight ringing in my ears as I toss and turn hoping you won’t turn up in my thoughts tonight. I spent the past few hours forgetting or better yet said removing myself from the obsession that is you. But in the quietness of my room you dance before me, teasing me to let myself obsess again.
I am too weak to hold on, but not strong enough to let go.

Morning after

I lay empty on restless sheets
And though the air is chilling
I suffocate through the heat
Breathing in rhythm
Regretful decisions
I turn to you
Place my lips upon your cheek
And in silence I begin to weep

- warmcupofcoffee

A lifetime

I put on many faces
For excitement I play games
And I speak of troubles
In such pain
You could never see beneath it
Perhaps its pity I wish to gain
But why should I only have one life to contain?

I am he, she, them
I am their, here, and when
I am all, I am what I pretend
I disguise to stay alive
I am more then just a pair of eyes
I am two black holes in white sucking in the visuals of sight
I am not just an awkward sexual experience, I am not abused
And I refuse to be caged into one lifetime